The art of website optimization includes maximizing certain aspects of your websites' design to improve search engine positioning.  The most important of these are Title & Headings, Text Content, Keyword Selection, META Tags, Image Tags, Text Content, Time, Link Popularity and Domain Name.

At Dezina Web, we address these issues during the design of your website.  We also optimize existing websites at R300 per 4-page site plus R50 per page thereafter.


 From the industry there are three levels of submittal service available at present:

FREE FOR ALL (FFA) - Not only does this take ages, if you're lucky to be listed at all, but the small print which no-one ever reads entitles them to spam you to death! Not recommended

STANDARD - These paid-for services charge a reasonable fee for the submittal but do not guarantee the results.  Most automatically submit your site to between 250 and 1000 search engines and Internet directories.  

PROFESSIONAL - These services specialize in the ongoing optimization and submittal of your website.  They are expensive but do theoretically guarantee results.  As a guide, these dollar-based services cost anything from R3,000 to R10,000

OUR SUBMITTAL SOLUTION!! At Dezina Web we believe the best option is Standard Submittal, but with a difference.  Rather than blindly submitting your website to hundreds of obscure search-engines, many of whom are most frequented by spam-mail list builders,  we focus on high quality MANUAL submittal to the Top 10 SA and Top 20 International Search Engines or Directories.  Our  submittal fee for this is R450 per submittal batch in which we manually submit your site to these 30 search-engines/directories.  Please note this is a best-effort service - we cannot guarantee results or time-frames as both these aspects are controlled by the respective search-engines.

Click here for the list of Search Engines & Directories we submit to