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Whether you are ready for creating a website or not, it is imperative that you secure your specific domain name before someone else does. 

At present there are over 225 000 registered South African (.co.za) domain names, and the number grows every day.  The longer you wait, the more creative you will  have to be to find a name that is short, meaningful and relative to your business!

We strongly support the registration of .co.za names for the following reasons:

@ They have a distinctively South African flavour

@ They are cheaper to renew than international domains

@ They offer their owners superior administrative and jurisdictional control

@ They are not affected by fluctuations in the Foreign Exchange Rate

We will register your domain name for R250 (.co.za/.com) and "park" it for free until you are ready to use it.

Warning - Always make sure your service provider puts the domain in your name, not theirs!!


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